Monday, 17 June 2013

Fausto Puglisi Fall/Winter 2013

This is the first Fausto Puglisi collection, including Ungaro, that I've sat up and noticed. Its got a Versus without the Versace tackiness vibe to it, and made me regret throwing out a lot of tartan over the years. It only juuuuust stop short of being too trendy (please God, give me the good grace not to smack caps off peoples heads), but keeping the shapes and embellishment pretty simple and adding in daggy Dad Tommy Hilfiger stripes tones it down perfectly.

Here's what Esty thinks:


Monday, 10 June 2013

Chloé Fall/Winter 2013

This will be the first in a serious of fall season wrap up / get the look posts. Since I browse fashion shows with an Etsy / Svpply tab open at all times I thought I may as well share them with you, because it means if you buy these pieces, its stops me from doing so and my credit card will thank you.

Unlike many other high end brands that do "simple", I would actually save up for an investment piece by Chloé (except a handbag because I cannot be trusted with expensive things that aren't attached to my body in some way - I will leave it on a plane or at some bar and I will cry). This is because they do it so mind-blowingly well - the perfect balance of feminine and masculine, old and young.

While I wait for enough pennies to roll into my savings, here's what Etsy is tempting me with: